Classes & Timetable

Term 2, 2016 Timetable:     click here

Indoor Rowing is a low impact, full body exercise that is perfect for everybody. It is a safe, time efficient workout that makes full use of all the body's major muscle groups to give you a total body workout. Each class consists of a technique warm up followed by a structured routine on the Concept2 rowing machine. Full coaching & instruction provided by our enthusiastic instructors. Prior to the cool down phase, core strength & stability exercises complete the ultimate workout.

ERGfit Skill -
This class is designed to refine your skills & is suited to beginners, rehabilitation clients & members wanting to improve their technique.

Is an innovative fitness tool combined with our personalised program structure provides a great total body workout. It simply & effectively delivers a comprehensive toning, strengthening & fat burning workout whilst enhancing balance, posture & core strength. You can replicate any free weights exercise including squats, presses, lunges & curls etc.

Circuit classes are high energy, motivational & will change the way you think about exercise. They are designed to physically challenge you either as an individual or in a team. As your fitness levels improve so does your ability to work harder, you will be able to perform more repetitions thus increasing your calorie burning potential. Circuit training can be beneficial for weight loss, muscular endurance, agility, speed, strength, skill development, aerobic fitness, rehabilitation programs, kid's fitness & general fitness to assist with day-to-day activities in life.

Boxing / Kettlebell Is an addition to the current circuit class with emphasis on boxing & Kettlebell training. These classes are not for the faint hearted & guarantee a high intensity workout. Each class utilises the focus pads & mits, medicine balls & skipping ropes to increase speed, endurance & cardiovascular health. Kettlebell training involves the entire body & focuses on endurance, power & dynamic movements. The exercises are functional & weight bearing which helps increase bone density & keep the body strong for daily tasks. The exercises are simple; the workouts are fun & straight forward enabling you to achieve overall improved fitness, co-ordination & movement reaction times.

RUNNING group will prepare runners of all levels for fun run events throughout the year. ERGfit enters a team in the following events: RUN 4 the KIDS, Stadium Stomp, Melbourne Marathon and City2Sea fun run. Whether you are a beginner or advanced runner, you'll feel comfortable yet challenged in our small friendly classes. Focusing on the skill & fitness components of running including speed endurance, agility, posture, balance & strength - we work with all ages & abilities. 
This class is ideal for runners looking to participate in a fun run or triathon event, ranging from 5 to 15km's, or those just wanting to train regularly with friends & improve their fitness. Each session includes a supervised warm up, some faster or sustained running efforts & appropriate stretching & strengthening exercises to promote good posture, injury prevention & improved running technique.

Other Classes include:

ERGfit / GYMstick - a combination of both discliplines - 1/2 hr of each.
ERGfit / Circuit - a combination of both discliplines - 1/2 hr of each.
ERGfit COMBO - a combination of rowing, GYMstick & circuit
GYMstick / Circuit - a combination of both discliplines - 1/2 hr of each.
ERGfit / Boxing - a combination of both discliplines - 1/2 hr of each.